Just another band update.

So we just rolled in to Dallas, TX a few hours ago and we’re all stoked because we get to play the famous venue The Door tonight. However, priority #1 today has been to find AC since our bus conveniently doesn’t have any (even though we specifically asked it to have AC……jerk). Most of the time I try to convince myself that I’m tough and that heat doesn’t bother me, but at some point I usually cave in and slink away to a local coffee shop to pound a Frozen Strawberry Lemonade (like I’m currently doing). While I’m cooling down, I thought I’d shoot out an update on what Wolves At The Gate, LLC. have been up to recently. 

We’re almost finished with a cross-country tour with our pals in Becoming The Archetype (www.facebook.com/becomingthearchetypemusic), and we’ll eventually make our way up to NH, MD, NC, and NY for a few festival dates in early August (dates on our FB page). We’re working on some fall tours that we can’t announce yet, but we promise you’ll be stoked. PROMISE. Which brings me to my next point…..we’ve officially started working with The Pantheon Agency for all our booking! Couldn’t be happier about this one since this means we’ll have some pretty RADICAL tours coming up in the next several months. You know, those kinds of tours that just make you want to put down the Xbox remote and go, “Dang, I think I’ll go to that show and buy tons of merch.” That’s the power of The Pantheon Agency. Be scared. Also, our new record “Captors” is only $5.99 on AmazonMP3 right now, so there’s really no reason to not pick it up:


That’s all I got for you right now. We love you all and hope you’re all striving towards a deeper relationship with Jesus everyday. Until next time. 

-Jeremy, Ben, Steve, Nick and Ben.


Christmas Rock Night, Day 1.

Few pics from the first day of Christmas Rock Night in Ennepetal, Germany with lots of amazing bands made up of amazing people. We are beyond blessed and humbled to be here, it’s been a huge learning experience and I honestly don’t understand how I’m allowed to share the stage with these bands. We’ve been sharing a hotel with Icon For Hire and Children 18:3 and what wonderful people they are. More pics coming soon.

October 2011 Update!


I trust all is well?? I believe it’s high time for another WATG update so I thought I’d fill everyone in on what’s going on with us for the next couple months. I (Jeremy) recently moved out to Dayton for the next handful of months to focus on writing music with Steve and concentrate on getting things ready for………….drum roll…………..TOUR!!! Yep, we’re hitting the road (FINALLY) in November with Farewell To Freeway (select dates) and Sleep City (select dates). It’ll run from November 4-22 along the east coast, so if you’re in the area we totally expect you to come and hang out with us at a show. Seriously cannot convey how excited we are for tour, it’s definitely time to take this show on the road. Things are shaping up nicely and we’ll have about 10 days off after the tour to recoup and spend Thanksgiving with our families, then we leave for GERMANY (!!!) on November 30 and get back December 4. Again, it’s pretty impossible to put into words how excited we are to fly over and play some rock and roll for some awesome people at Christmas Rock Night 2011. After we get back from Germany, we have 3 days off before hitting the east coast again with our new friends in Brighter Than A Thousand Suns for a short 5 day run from December 7-11. After that, we’re done for 2011, but let me say this: we’re working on something for January that you’ll definitely be interested in. We’ll unleash that info soon!

Also, on an equally important note, our EP “We Are The Ones” comes out on Solid State Records on November 15th! “Wait,” you might say. “Didn’t they already release that earlier this year?” Yes, we did originally release “We Are The Ones” on January 31st of 2011. However, this re-release will feature A) remastered versions of the songs (bigger and better sound for more rock), and B) there will be some extra stuff on the album that I can’t mention specifically. I can’t spoil it can I?? Nov. 15 is fast approaching so you’ll soon see for yourself!

We love you guys and we continually covet your prayers as we step out and attempt to make His name famous traveling across the country and across the world. The more comments we get on Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr the better, we love talking to everyone who we don’t get to see on a daily basis. Praise be to God for the great things that He has done.


Links to a few things you might find tasty:

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Sleep City
Brighter Than A Thousand Suns

Other stuff:
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Check out our little video announcing the signing to Solid State Records!

A few pictures from the “Oh, The Depths” live music video shoot!

Update 7/1/2011

Wolfpack! Hope everyone’s doing well and enjoying the first day of July 2011, I know I am. Just wanted to give you guys a quick update on what’s going on with the band right now. We may seem to be a little quiet on Twitter and Facebook recently, but we can say that we have some mighty fine things in the works right now and that they should be unleashed on you all hopefully within the next several weeks. We finished up working on 4 exclusive acoustic tracks that will somehow wind up on your iPods in the near future, we’re stoked on those. Three songs from the “We Are The Ones” EP and one older song called “My Ransomed Soul” were all re-done and re-imagined with the acoustic guitar in mind, so we hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we enjoyed creating them. Speaking of awesome stuff….

We just finished shooting a LIVE MUSIC VIDEO for “Oh, The Depths”!!! Quite a few of you were able to make it out to that sweet old barn in Columbus, Ohio for our video shoot, and we cannot explain how special that was to all of us. What an incredible and worshipful night that was, the video is getting finished up sometime in the next several days, then we’ll start to figure out the best way to release that to the masses. The video shoot was directed by the insanely talented and super individual Mr. Nathan William Lundquist (check out his website: www.nathanwilliam.net). Nate’s become a close friend of the band, and we couldn’t be happier working with him to make our vision become a reality. On a final note, we just updated our official webstore: www.wolvesatthegate.bigcartel.com. We have a bunch of new shirt designs, as well as a custom, limited edition WATG bracelet! Check it out and help support us as we gear up for an insane summer/fall. We love you all so much, we covet your prayers and support for our ministry and music!


Ps. Check out the above post for some pictures from the video shoot!